Miami Dade County Certified Laboratory

Testing Services for your Products and Materials

Miami Dade County Certified Laboratory

Our testing laboratory is certified by Miami-Dade County.

You can access the Miami-Dade County accreditation certificate.


Concrete Testing Methods
Concrete Sampling Methods
Concrete Specifications
Concrete Equivalent AASHTO Test
Cement Testing Methods
Cement Specifications
Cement Equivalent AASHTO Test
Supplementary Cementitious Materials/Pozzolans (SCMs) Testing Methods
Supplementary Cementitious Materials/Pozzolans (SCMs) Specifications
Supplementary Cementitious Materials/Pozzolans (SCMs) Equivalent AASHTO Test
Mortar Testing Methods
Mortar Specifications
Mortar Equivalent AASHTO Test
Grout Testing Methods
Grout Sampling Methods
Asphalt Testing Methods
Asphalt Specifications
Asphalt Sampling Methods
Asphalt Equivalent AASHTO Test
Soil and Rock/Aggregate Test Methods
Soils and Rock/Aggregate Specifications
Soils and Rock/Aggregate Sampling Methods
Soils and Rock/Aggregate Equivalent AASHTO Test
Metals Test Methods
Metals Specification Methods


Wood/Lumber Testing Methods
Wood/Lumber Sampling Methods
Fasteners/Anchors/Nails Testing Methods
Fasteners/Anchors/Nails Sampling Methods
Fasteners/Anchors/Nails Specifications
Building Products Testing Methods
Building Products Specifications
Concrete Admixtures Testing Methods
Concrete Admixtures Specifications
Concrete Admixtures Equivalent AASHTO Test
Masonry/Precast Testing Methods
Masonry/Precast Sampling Methods
Masonry/Precast Specifications
Masonry/Precast Equivalent AASHTO Test