ASTM D3154

Full Name

ASTM D3154 – Standard Test Method for Average Velocity in a Duct (Pitot Tube Method)


This test method describes measurement of the average velocity of a gas stream for the purpose of determining gas flow in a stack, duct, or flue.

Although technically complex, it is generally considered the most accurate and often the only practical test method for taking velocity measurements.


stack gas velocity; pitot traverse; pitot tube; Staubscheibe pitot tube; Type S pitot tube; Orsat; Orsat analyzer; Method 1; Method 2; Method 3; Method 4; stack gas moisture; stack gas molecular weight; stack gas density

ASTM D3154 Accredited Laboratory

Applied Testing & Geosciences, LLC is accredited for performing tests using the ASTM D3154 standard.

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