ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria

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ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria

What are ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria

International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) Acceptance Criteria are technical documents that outline the specific standards and testing procedures used to evaluate innovative building products, components, and materials.

Characteristics of ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria:

  • Technical standards: acceptance criteria provide specific requirements, guidelines, and testing protocols that a product must meet to demonstrate its compliance with building codes and safety standards. They can include details like:
    • Material properties
    • Structural performance
    • Fire resistance
    • Durability
    • Weather resistance
    • Installation methods
  • Developed by experts: ICC-ES technical staff collaborates with manufacturers, code officials, and other industry experts to develop Acceptance Criteria. This ensures they are rigorous and address relevant concerns.
  • Approval process: new acceptance criteria and updates to existing ones are ultimately approved by the ICC-ES Evaluation Committee, comprised of code officials. This adds a layer of legitimacy and regulatory oversight.

Why ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria Are Important

  • Innovation: they create a pathway for introducing new construction materials and methods into the market. Without these criteria, it would be very difficult for innovative products that don’t fit neatly into existing codes to be utilized.
  • Code Compliance: acceptance criteria make it clear how a product fulfills the requirements of relevant building codes, providing confidence to building officials and inspectors.
  • Quality Assurance: by adhering to Acceptance Criteria, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to high-quality and safe building products.
  • Streamlining Approval: ICC-ES Evaluation Reports (ESRs), which confirm a product complies with Acceptance Criteria, are widely recognized by building departments. This simplifies and speeds up the approval process for new building materials.

Where to Find ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria

  • ICC-ES Website has a searchable database of approved Acceptance Criteria. You can search by criteria number, title, or CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) division.
  • ICC Store: ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria can be purchased through the International Code Council’s online bookstore.

ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria List

A comprehensive list of ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria is available on the ICC-ES website.

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