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ICC-ES AC367 – Acceptance Criteria for Fiber-reinforced Cement Sheet Structural Floor Sheathing


ICC-ES AC367 establishes the requirements for fiber-reinforced cement sheet structural floor sheathing to be recognized in an ICC-ES evaluation report under the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC).

The scope of AC367 includes:

  • Materials: it specifies the acceptable types of fiber-reinforced cement sheets and their properties, such as density, thickness, and flexural strength.
  • Design and construction: it outlines the design and installation requirements for the sheathing, including the fastener types and spacing, the support requirements, and the allowable spans.
  • Performance: it defines the performance criteria that the sheathing must meet, such as the bending strength, shear strength, impact resistance, and fire resistance.
  • Testing: it details the testing procedures and protocols for evaluating the performance of the sheathing, including bending tests, shear tests, impact tests, and fire tests.

By defining these criteria, AC367 ensures that fiber-reinforced cement sheet structural floor sheathing meets the necessary standards for safety, performance, and compliance with building codes. It provides confidence to building officials, designers, and builders that this type of sheathing is suitable for use in residential and commercial construction.

ICC-ES AC367 Accredited Inspection Agency

Applied Testing & Geosciences, LLC is accredited for performing inspections using the ICC-ES AC367 acceptance criteria.

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fiber-reinforced cement sheet; structural floor sheathing; bending strength; shear strength; impact resistance; fire resistance; fastener; span