IAPMO Uniform ES Evaluation Criteria

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IAPMO Uniform ES Evaluation Criteria

What is IAPMO Uniform ES

IAPMO stands for the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials:

  • Non-profit organization: focused on protecting public health and safety through proper plumbing and mechanical systems.
  • Code development: creates and maintains the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC), widely adopted by jurisdictions across the US and internationally. These codes provide standards for safe and efficient installation and maintenance of plumbing and mechanical systems.
  • Product certification: offers a rigorous testing and certification program to ensure plumbing and mechanical products meet industry standards and code requirements. IAPMO’s certification mark is a trusted indicator of quality and safety.
  • Education and training: provides comprehensive training and educational resources for inspectors, plumbers, engineers, and other professionals in the industry.
  • Advocacy: works with government agencies and industry partners to promote the importance of safe plumbing and mechanical practices.

IAPMO Uniform ES (Evaluation Service) is a subsidiary of IAPMO, focused on the evaluation and certification of building products, materials, and designs:

  • Code compliance: Uniform ES evaluates products to ensure they conform to the relevant building codes (primarily the International Building Code and International Residential Code).
  • Certification: they issue Evaluation Reports (ERs) that serve as proof of a product’s compliance with codes.
  • Acceptance by authorities: architects, engineers, building officials, inspectors, and other authorities having jurisdiction widely trust Uniform ES reports, simplifying the approval process for construction projects.

What are IAPMO Uniform ES Evaluation Criteria

IAPMO Uniform ES Evaluation Criteria are specifications for assessing whether a product complies with relevant building codes. These criteria outline the testing, documentation, and quality control procedures a product needs to undergo to earn a Uniform ES Evaluation Report (ER).

Characteristics of IAPMO Uniform ES Evaluation Criteria:

  • Specific to products: each criteria applies to a particular category of building products, materials, or designs. For instance, there might be separate ECs for plumbing fixtures, structural beams, or innovative fireproofing materials.
  • Code compliance: the core function of an EC is to ensure a product meets the requirements of relevant building codes. These codes often include the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC), but may also encompass additional regional or specialized codes.
  • Testing procedures: the EC outlines the specific tests a product needs to undergo to demonstrate its performance and safety. These tests might involve pressure testing for plumbing components, fire resistance testing for building materials, or structural load testing for beams.
  • Quality control measures: the EC also specifies the quality control procedures a manufacturer must implement to ensure consistent product quality. This might involve inspections, material testing, and production line audits.
  • Documentation Requirements: the EC outlines the documentation a manufacturer needs to provide, such as product specifications, test reports, and quality control manuals. These documents are reviewed by Uniform ES to verify the product meets the criteria.

IAPMO Uniform ES Evaluation Criteria List

A comprehensive list of IAPMO Uniform ES Evaluation Criteria is available on the IAPMO Uniform ES website.

List of IAPMO Uniform ES Evaluation Criteria:

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