Full Name

IAPMO UES EC 006 – Evaluation Criteria for Headed and Mechanically Anchored Deformed Reinforcement Bars in Tension


IAPMO UES EC 006 outlines the evaluation criteria for headed and mechanically anchored deformed reinforcement bars in tension.

Key points about IAPMO UES EC 006:

  • Purpose: the document sets requirements for an evaluation report on these reinforcement bars. This report helps determine if the bars comply with relevant building codes.
  • Applicability: the criteria applies to headed and mechanically anchored deformed bars used in tension for concrete structures. These bars are typically used to strengthen concrete or connect concrete elements.
  • Codes addressed: the document references specific editions of the International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Building Code (IRC), and American Concrete Institute (ACI) codes.


reinforcing steel; concrete reinforcement; deformed bars; headed bars; mechanically anchored bars; testing; analysis; tension; strength; structural engineering; concrete structures; lap splices; building codes; IBC; IRC; IAPMO UES; evaluation criteria