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ICC-ES AC170 – Acceptance Criteria for Shear Reinforcement Devices in Structural Concrete


ICC-ES AC170 establishes the acceptance criteria for shear reinforcement devices used in structural concrete elements. These devices, such as stirrups, ties, and shear studs, are essential for enhancing the shear strength and ductility of concrete members, especially in areas prone to high shear forces.

The scope of AC170 covers:

  • Materials: specifies the types and grades of steel that can be used for shear reinforcement devices.
  • Design and fabrication: outlines requirements for the design, dimensions, and detailing of shear reinforcement devices.
  • Performance requirements: sets standards for the shear strength, anchorage, and ductility of the devices under various loading conditions.
  • Testing procedures: describes the methods for evaluating the performance of shear reinforcement devices through laboratory testing.

By adhering to AC170, engineers and contractors can ensure that the shear reinforcement devices they use in concrete structures are safe, reliable, and compliant with building codes. This helps to ensure the structural integrity and safety of buildings and other infrastructure projects.

ICC-ES AC170 Accredited Laboratory

Applied Testing & Geosciences, LLC is accredited for performing inspections and tests using the ICC-ES AC170 acceptance criteria (section 3.0).

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shear reinforcement; concrete; steel; stirrup; tie; shear stud; anchorage; ductility; strength; seismic