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ICC-ES AC395 – Acceptance Criteria for Headed Shear Stud Reinforcement Assemblies for Concrete Slabs or Footings


ICC-ES AC395 outlines the acceptance criteria for headed shear stud reinforcement assemblies used in concrete slabs or footings. It covers various aspects of product performance, including:

  • Strength and load capacity: evaluates the assembly’s ability to resist shear forces between the concrete slab and the supporting steel member.
  • Durability: assesses the assembly’s resistance to corrosion, fatigue, and other environmental factors.
  • Compatibility: ensures the assembly is compatible with the concrete slab, steel member, and other building materials.
  • Installation: provides guidelines for the proper installation and use of the shear stud assembly.

The purpose of AC395 is to provide a standardized framework for evaluating headed shear stud reinforcement assemblies, ensuring they meet the minimum requirements for safety and performance in transferring shear forces in concrete slabs or footings.

ICC-ES AC395 Accredited Inspection Agency

Applied Testing & Geosciences, LLC is accredited for performing inspections using the ICC-ES AC395 acceptance criteria.

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headed shear stud; reinforcement assembly; concrete slab; footing; shear force; strength; load capacity; durability; compatibility; installation; corrosion resistance; fatigue resistance