ASTM C1567

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ASTM C1567 – Standard Test Method for Determining the Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Combinations of Cementitious Materials and Aggregate (Accelerated Mortar-Bar Method)


This test method permits detection within 16 days of the potential for deleterious alkali-silica reaction of combinations of cementitious materials and aggregate in mortar bars.

The cementitious materials are composed of various proportions of hydraulic cement, pozzolans and ground granulated blastfurnace slag.

The test results are only valid for the specific combinations of pozzolan, slag, and reactive aggregates tested.

This test is not suitable for evaluating the potential for deleterious reaction of combinations of hydraulic cement and aggregate (that is, in the absence of pozzolans or ground granulated blast-furnace slag).


aggregate; alkali-silica reactivity; length change; mortar; pozzolans, slag, sodium hydroxide

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