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AASHTO T280 – Standard Method of Test for Concrete Pipe, Manhole Sections, or Tile


AASHTO T280 is a standard test method used to evaluate the structural integrity and performance of concrete pipe, manhole sections, and tile products. These products are widely used in underground infrastructure systems for the conveyance of stormwater, wastewater, and other fluids. The test method covers various aspects of product evaluation, including dimensions, strength, permeability, and absorption.

Key aspects of AASHTO T280:

  • Scope: the standard applies to concrete pipe, manhole sections, and tile intended for use in sewer, storm drain, and culvert applications. It covers both reinforced and non-reinforced concrete products.
  • Test procedures: AASHTO T280 outlines a series of standardized tests to assess the following properties:
    • Dimensions: verifies that the product’s dimensions, such as diameter, length, wall thickness, and joint dimensions, conform to the specified requirements.
    • Strength: evaluates the three-edge bearing strength and D-load strength of the product to ensure it can withstand the expected loads and pressures in service.
    • Permeability: determines the rate at which water permeates through the concrete, which is crucial for assessing the product’s ability to prevent leaks and infiltration.
    • Absorption: measures the amount of water absorbed by the concrete, providing an indication of its porosity and potential for durability issues.
  • Acceptance criteria: the standard provides acceptance criteria for each test, defining the minimum or maximum allowable values for the measured properties.

Significance of AASHTO T280:

  • Quality assurance: by adhering to AASHTO T280, manufacturers can ensure that their concrete pipe, manhole sections, and tile products meet the required quality and performance standards.
  • Performance verification: the test methods outlined in the standard allow for the verification of the product’s structural integrity and performance under various loading and environmental conditions.
  • Specification compliance: AASHTO T280 serves as a reference for specifying the requirements for concrete pipe, manhole sections, and tile in construction contracts and project specifications.

AASHTO T280 Accredited Laboratory

Applied Testing & Geosciences, LLC is accredited for performing tests using the AASHTO T280 standard.

Our laboratory offers comprehensive testing services for concrete pipe, manhole sections, and tile based on AASHTO T280 and other relevant standards. Our experienced technicians utilize modern equipment and adhere to strict quality control procedures to provide accurate and reliable test results for your infrastructure projects.

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concrete pipe; manhole section; tile; three-edge bearing strength; D-load strength; permeability; absorption; dimensions; reinforcement; joint