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ASTM D198 – Standard Test Methods of Static Tests of Lumber in Structural Sizes


These test methods cover the evaluation of lumber and wood-based products in structural sizes by various testing procedures:

  1. Flexure
  2. Compression (Short Specimen)
  3. Compression (Long Specimen)
  4. Tension
  5. Torsion
  6. Shear Modulus


apparent modulus of elasticity; compression; flexure; modulus of elasticity; modulus of rupture; shear; shear modulus; shear-free modulus of elasticity; structural members; tension; torsion; torsional shear modulus; wood; wood-based materials

ASTM D198 Accredited Laboratory

Applied Testing & Geosciences, LLC is accredited for performing tests using the ASTM D198 standard.

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