Test Plan for ASTM C144 Aggregate for Masonry Mortar

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Test Plan for ASTM C144 Aggregate for Masonry Mortar

Test Plan for ASTM C144 Aggregate for Masonry Mortar

Required Tests

PropertyMaterialASTM / MethodDetails
Organic ImpuritiesFine AggregateASTM C40

Organic Impurity In Fine Aggregate for Use in Concrete

Aggregate is exposed to a sodium hydroxide solution for 24 hours and the resulting discoloration of the solution is given a rating from 0-5. Aggregate with an unsatisfactory rating should be tested for ASTM C87.

Compressive StrengthFine AggregateASTM C87

Effect of Organic Impurity In Fine Aggregate for Use in Concrete

Any aggregate that has unsatisfactory levels of impurities when tested per ASTM C40 should be tested with this method. Mortar cubes are tested using the test aggregate, as well as the test aggregate after impurities are removed with a sodium hydroxide wash.

SoundnessAggregateASTM C88

Sodium Sulfate or Magnesium Sulfate Soundness Test

Returns the weighted mass loss of an aggregate sample after exposure to 5 cycles of immersion in a salt solution and oven drying.

Particle SizeAggregateASTM C117

Material Finer Than #200 Sieve by Washing

A representative portion of the sample is oven dried and then washed over a #200 wash sieve. Resulting material is then oven dried again, and the resulting mass is compared to the original to determine the percent of the sample that is finer than the #200 sieve.

Lightweigth ConstituentsAggregateASTM C123

Lightweight Particles in Fine and Coarse Aggregates

Returns the percentage by mass of lighweight particles that have specific gravities of less than 2.4 (chert) and less than 2.0 (coal / lignite).

DensityFine AggregateASTM C128

Density (Specific Gravity) of Fine Aggregate

Run on materials smaller than the #4 sieve. Samples containing fractions of fine and coarse particles may need both ASTM C127 and C128 run.

Particle SizeAggregateASTM C136

Particle Size Distribution of Aggregate Using the Sieve Analysis

Aggregate is dried and sieved through the standard sieve stack (per ASTM C33) to provide a grain-size distribution curve. Aggregate may be compared to any specificaiton provided to determine if it conforms.

Friable ParticlesAggregateASTM C142

Percentage of Clay Lumps and Friable Particles in Aggregates

Aggregate is dried and graded per ASTM C142, then submerged in distilled water for 24 hours. Material is gently handled to break up all clay lumps and friable particles. Detritus is washed away, and the resulting mass of dried sample is used to determine the percentage of clay lumps and/or friable particles that were washed away.

Air ContentMortarASTM C185

Air Content of Hydraulic Cement Mortar (Modified per ASTM C270/C91)

Mortar is cast to the desired consistency, and it is consolidated in a 400mL brass measuring container described in ASTM C185. The weight/volume is determined, and the air content is calculated based on the mix proportions.


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