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Testing of Fasteners
3rd party inspection of Fasteners
Typical Products
  • Fasteners
  • Foundation Anchor Straps, Continuous rod tie-down system, Shrinkage Compensator, Take-Up Device
  • Joist Hangers, Post Base Connector, Ceiling Clip, Column Caps, Steel Structural Wood Connectors, Tie Straps, Hurricane Straps, Seismic Straps
  • Low-Velocity Power-Driven Fasteners, High-Velocity Power-Driven Fasteners, Powder-Actuated Fasteners , Pneumatic Fasteners, Power-Driven Pins
  • Self-Drilling Screw,Self-Drilling Tapping Screws, Self-Tapping Screws, Blind Bolts, Stainless Steel Screws,
  • Wood Fasteners, Plastic Fasteners, Composite Fastenings