ASTM E1621

ASTM E1621 is a standard guide for elemental analysis using wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (WDXRF). It provides guidelines for developing and describing analytical procedures for determining the chemical composition of solid metals, ores, and related materials using this technique.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points about ASTM E1621:


  • To ensure accurate and precise determination of metallic and non-metallic elements in various materials.
  • To provide standardized protocols and reporting formats for WDXRF analysis.


  • Improved data quality and consistency: Ensures reliable results across different laboratories and analysts.
  • Facilitates communication and data sharing: Standardizes reporting formats for easier interpretation and comparison of results.
  • Supports quality control and improvement: Outlines best practices for optimizing analytical procedures and minimizing errors.

Key aspects of the standard:

  • Covers information that should be included in an X-ray spectrometric analytical method, such as:
    • Instrument parameters and calibration procedures.
    • Sample preparation techniques.
    • Data acquisition and analysis methods.
    • Quality control and validation criteria.
    • Reporting requirements.
  • Provides guidance on determining the optimum conditions for achieving acceptable accuracy for specific elements and materials.
  • Does not specify a single analytical method, but rather offers a framework for developing customized procedures based on individual needs and laboratory capabilities.


  • Widely used in various industries, including:
    • Metals and mining: Analyzing the composition of ores, alloys, and finished metal products.
    • Environmental science: Determining the elemental composition of soils, sediments, and air samples.
    • Geochemistry and geology: Studying the composition of rocks, minerals, and meteorites.
    • Archaeology and cultural heritage: Analyzing artifacts and materials for historical and cultural insights.