ASTM D4762

Full Name

ASTM D4762 – Standard Guide for Testing Polymer Matrix Composite Materials


This guide summarizes the application of ASTM standard test methods (and other supporting standards) to continuous-fiber reinforced polymer matrix composite materials.


bearing strength; coefficient of thermal expansion; composite materials; composites; compression; compressive strength; constituent content; crack-growth testing; creep; creep strength; CTE; curved-beam strength; damage; data recording; data records; delamination; density; elastic modulus; fatigue; fiber; fiber volume; filament; filled-hole compression strength; filled-hole tensile strength; flatwise tensile strength; flexural modulus; flexure; fracture; fracture toughness; gel time; glass transition temperature; hoop-wound; impact; impact strength; lamina; laminate; matrix content; mixed mode; mode I; mode II; mode III; modulus of elasticity; moisture content; moisture diffusivity; Poisson’s ratio; OHC; OHT; open-hole compressive strength; open-hole tensile strength; out-of-plane compressive strength; out-of-plane shear strength; out-of-plane tensile strength; panel; plate; polymer matrix composites; prepreg; reinforcement; reinforcement content; reinforcement volume; resin; resin content; shear; shear modulus; shear strength; short-beam strength; specific heat; strain energy release rate; strength; structure; tensile strength; tension; thermal conductivity; thermal diffusivity; thermal expansion coefficient; tow; V-notched beam strength; void content; winding; yarn