Full Name

ASTM C877 – Standard Specification for External Sealing Bands for Concrete Pipe, Manholes, and Precast Box Sections


This specification covers external sealing bands to be used in conjunction with concrete pipe as defined in Terminology C822 and conforming to Specifications C14, C76, C412, C478, C506, C507, C655, C985, C1417, and C1433.

Types of sealing bands:

  1. Type I – Rubber and Mastic Bands.
  2. Type II –  Plastic Film and Mesh Reinforced Mastic Bands.
  3. Type III – Chemically-Bonded Adhesive Butyl Bands.

This specification is the inch-pound companion to Specification C877M; therefore, no SI equivalents are presented in the specification.


bands; external; concrete pipe; joints