Full Name

ASTM C473 – Standard Test Methods for Physical Testing of Gypsum Panel Products


These test methods cover the physical testing of gypsum panel products:

  1. flexural strength (Method A);
  2. core, end, and edge hardness (Method A)
  3. nail pull resistance (Method A)
  4. humidified deflection;
  5. end squareness
  6. nominal thickness
  7. recessed- or tapered-edge depth
  8. width
  9. length
  10. water resistance of core-treated water repellant gypsum panel products
  11. surface water resistance of gypsum panel products with water-repellant  surfaces.


absorption testing; core hardness testing; dimension measurements; edge hardness testing; end hardness testing; flexural strength; gypsum panel products; humidified sag; nail pull testing