ASTM C1893

Full Name

ASTM C1893 – Standard Practice for Laboratory Performance Verification of Hydrodynamic Separators for the Treatment of Stormwater Runoff


This practice covers the criteria for the laboratory verification of Hydrodynamic Separators (HDS) as it relates to the removal of suspended solids in stormwater runoff.

HDS manufactured treatment devices are placed as offline or online treatment devices along storm drain pipe lines to remove suspended solids and associated pollutants from stormwater runoff.

These devices may be used to target removal of other pollutants which are not covered in this standard.

The criteria in this standard specifically relate to the removal of silica particles in controlled laboratory conditions, which is considered an appropriate surrogate for predicting the removal of stormwater solids from actual stormwater runoff.


hydrodynamic separator; stormwater runoff; performance verification