ASTM C1892

Full Name

ASTM C1892 – Standard Test Methods for Strength of Anchors in Masonry


These test methods address the tensile and shear strengths of post-installed and placed-during-construction anchors in masonry test specimens made of masonry assemblies.

Environmental exposures include freezing and thawing, moisture, decreased and elevated temperatures and corrosion.

These test methods provide basic testing procedures for use with product-specific evaluation and acceptance standards and are intended to be performed in a testing laboratory.

Product-specific evaluation and acceptance standards may add specific details and appropriate parameters as needed to accomplish the testing. Only those tests required by the specifying authority need to be performed.


adhesive anchor; anchor capacity; dynamic; environmental test; expansion anchor; fatigue; masonry; masonry test specimen; mechanical anchors; placed-during-construction anchor; post-installed anchors; screw anchor; shear test; shock; static; sustained load test; tension test; test methods