ASTM C1889

Full Name

ASTM C1889 – Standard Practice for Minimum Structural Design Loading for Monolithic or Sectional Precast Concrete Utility, Water, and Wastewater Structures Using AASHTO LRFD Design


This practice describes the minimum loads to be applied when designing monolithic or sectional precast concrete utility structures, or sectional precast concrete water and wastewater structures, where AASHTO LRFD design is required.

Concrete pipe, box culverts, and material covered in Specification C478 are excluded from this practice. Structures not requiring AASHTO LRFD design are to be designed using the loads specified in ASTM C857 or ASTM C890, as applicable.


AASHTO LRFD; minimum structural design criteria; precast concrete; underground utility enclosures; water and wastewater structures