ASTM C1795

Full Name

ASTM C1795 – Standard Test Methods for High-Temperature Characterization of Gypsum Boards and Panels


These test methods describe three bench top test methods for measuring the thermophysical responses of gypsum boards and panels when exposed to high temperatures.

The test methods are:

  1. High-temperature Core Cohesion – This test method evaluates the ability of the test specimen to withstand a specified mechanical strain while exposed to elevated temperature.
  2. High-temperature Shrinkage – This test method evaluates dimensional changes in the test specimen when exposed to elevated temperatures.
  3. High-temperature Thermal Insulation – This test method evaluates the rate of heat transfer through the thickness of the test specimen by measuring the length of time required to heat the center of the test specimen over a specified temperature rise when exposed to prescribed furnace conditions.


core cohesion; fire resistance; gypsum board; gypsum panel; high-temperature shrinkage; high-temperature thermal insulation; thermal transmission