ASTM C1778

Full Name

ASTM C1778 – Standard Guide for Reducing the Risk of Deleterious Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Concrete


This guide provides guidance on how to address the potential for deleterious alkali aggregate reaction (AAR) in concrete construction.

This guide addresses the process of identifying both potentially alkali-silica reactive (ASR) and alkali-carbonate reactive (ACR) aggregates through standardized testing procedures and the selection of mitigation options to minimize the risk of expansion when ASR aggregates are used in concrete construction.

Mitigation methods for ASR aggregates are selected using either prescriptive or performance-based alternatives. Preventive measures for ACR aggregates are limited to avoidance of use. Because the potential for deleterious reactions depends not only on the concrete mixture but also the in-service exposure, guidance is provided on the type of structures and exposure environments where AAR may be of concern.


AAR; ACR; alkali-aggregate reaction; alkali-carbonate reaction; alkali-silica reaction; ASR; concrete; concrete durability; laboratory testing; pozzolans; reactive aggregates; risk evaluation; supplementary cementitious materials