ASTM C1713

Full Name

ASTM C1713 – Standard Specification for Mortars for the Repair of Historic Masonry


This specification covers mortar for the repair of masonry that was constructed with methods and materials that pre-date the origination of current standards of construction that are compatible with it.

The mortar may be used for non-structural purposes such as repointing of the masonry, or for structural purposes such as, but not restricted to, re-construction or repair of mortar joints that contribute to the structural integrity of the masonry.

Masonry includes the following units laid in mortar:

  1. cast stone
  2. clay masonry unitsbrick and clay tile
  3. concrete masonry units
  4. natural stone
  5. terra cotta.


absorption rate; air content; compressive strength; flexural bond strength; hydrated lime; hydraulic cement; hydraulic lime; lime putty; masonry; natural cement; portland cement masonry cement; preservation; repointing; total porosity; water retention; water vapor permeability