ASTM C1708

Full Name

ASTM C1708 – Standard Test Methods for Self-leveling Mortars Containing Hydraulic Cements


These test methods are appropriate to evaluate the performance of self-leveling mortars containing hydraulic cements that are used to improve the levelness, smoothness, and flatness of existing floors.

These materials may be used as an underlayment to receive floor finishes, or as an overlayment to serve as the wear surface.

The self-leveling mortars covered by these test methods consist of proprietary blends of hydraulic cements, along with fine aggregate, polymers, fillers, and other additives.


compressive strength; dimensional stability; efflux cup; flexural strength; flow; flow cup; flow retention; healing; healing time; hydraulic cement mortar; ISO cup; overlayment; self-leveling mortar; setting time; underlayment; viscosity