ASTM C1383

Full Name

ASTM C1383 – Standard Test Method for Measuring the P-Wave Speed and the Thickness of Concrete Plates Using the Impact-Echo Method


This test method covers procedures for determining the thickness of concrete slabs, pavements, bridge decks, walls, or other plate-like structure using the impact-echo method.

The following two procedures are covered in this test method:

  1. Procedure A: P-Wave Speed Measurement – This procedure measures the time it takes for the P-wave generated by a short-duration, point impact to travel between two transducers positioned a known distance apart along the surface of a structure. The P-wave speed is calculated by dividing the distance between the two transducers by the travel time.

  2. Procedure B: Impact-Echo Test – This procedure measures the frequency at which the P-wave generated by a short-duration, point impact is reflected between the parallel (opposite) surfaces of a plate. The thickness is calculated from this measured frequency and the P-wave speed obtained from Procedure A.


concrete plate; impact-echo; nondestructive testing; P-wave speed; thickness measurement