ASTM C1365

Full Name

ASTM C1365 – Standard Test Method for Determination of the Proportion of Phases in Portland Cement and Portland-Cement Clinker Using X-Ray Powder Diffraction Analysis


This test method covers direct determination of the proportion by mass of individual phases in portland cement or portland-cement clinker using quantitative X-ray (QXRD) analysis.

The following phases are covered by this standard: alite (tricalcium silicate), belite (dicalcium silicate), aluminate (tricalcium aluminate), ferrite (tetracalcium aluminoferrite), periclase (magnesium oxide), gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate), bassanite (calcium sulfate hemihydrate), anhydrite (calcium sulfate), and calcite (calcium carbonate).


alite; alkali sulfate; aluminate; belite; cement; clinker; diffractometer; ferrite; periclase; phase analysis; quantitative X-ray powder diffraction analysis; QXRD; Rietveld analysis; X-ray powder diffraction; XRD