ASTM C1186

Full Name

ASTM C1186 – Standard Specification for Flat Fiber-Cement Sheets


This specification covers either untextured or surface textured fiber-cement flat sheets intended for exterior applications such as wall claddings, facades, curtain walls, soffits, and so forth.


air cured; appearance; autoclaved cured; cellulose fiber; density; edge straightness; exterior application; finish; flexural strength; frost resistance; heat/rain resistance; inspection; length and width tolerance; mechanical properties; minimum equilibrium strength; minimum wet strength; moisture content; moisture movement; nominal length; nominal thickness; nominal width; non-asbestos fiber; packaging; physical properties; polyethylene fiber; polyvinyl alcohol fiber; pressure cured; rejection; sampling; sheet grading; shipping; squareness tolerance; storage; supplementary requirements; supplementary tests; surface burning characteristics; thickness requirements; thickness tolerance; third party certification; tolerance; Type A; Type B; type tests; warm water resistance; water absorption; water tightness; workmanship