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ASTM A898 – Standard Specification for Straight Beam Ultrasonic Examination of Rolled Steel Structural Shapes


This specification covers the procedure and acceptance standards for straight beam, pulse echo, ultrasonic examination of rolled structural shapes having a minimum section thickness of 1/2 in. [12.5 mm].

It was developed to ensure delivery of steel structural shapes free of gross internal discontinuities such as pipe, ruptures, or laminations and is to be used whenever the inquiry, contract, order, or specification states that the shapes are to be ultrasonically examined.

Two levels of acceptance standards are included.

Level II is intended for normal applications where freedom from gross internal discontinuities is desired, particularly in connection regions.

Level I is intended for critical applications such as welded chord members used in tension loading, where internal discontinuities could be detrimental.

Level II is normally applicable unless otherwise specified in contract documents or the purchase order.

Supplementary requirements for alternative scanning coverages are provided.


acceptance standards; internal discontinuities; procedure; pulse echo; rolled; shapes; steel; straight beam; structural steel; ultrasonic examination

ASTM A898 Accredited Inspection Agency

Applied Testing & Geosciences, LLC is accredited for performing inspections using the ASTM A898 standard.

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