Full Name

AASHTO T65 – Standard Method of Test for Mass (Weight) of Coating on Iron and Steel Articles with Zinc or Zinc-Alloy Coatings


This test method covers procedures for determining the mass (weight) of coating on iron or steel sheet, wire, and other articles in which the coating is zinc or a zinc alloy, such as zinc-5 percent aluminum (including zinc-5 percent aluminum-mischmetal and zinc-5 percent aluminum-0.1 percent magnesium) or 55 percent aluminum-zinc. In the body of this test method, reference to zinc coating shall be interpreted to also include zinc-alloy coating except where specifically stated otherwise.


Fifty-five (55) percent aluminum-zinc alloy coating; coating mass (weight); steel sheet; steel wire; zinc alloy coatings; zinc coating; zinc-5 percent aluminum-alloy coating; zinc-5 percent aluminum-0.1 percent magnesium alloy coating; zinc-5 percent aluminum-mischmetal alloy coating.