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AASHTO T373 – Standard Method of Test for Comparative Qualitative Corrosion Characterization of Steel Bars Used for Concrete Reinforcement (Linear Polarization Resistance and Potentiodynamic Polarization Tests)


This test method describes procedures to evaluate the comparative qualitative corrosion performance of uncoated Corrosion Resistant Reinforcing (CRR) M334 alloy steel bars to those of M31 or other selected reference bars, utilizing electrochemical polarization resistance and potentiodynamic polarization measurements in various test solutions.

The test methods evaluate the corrosion performance of the uncoated CRR bars as a function of:

  1. pH of the environment, and
  2. concentration of chloride ions.


corrosion performance; corrosion test; qualitative; uncoated corrosion resistant reinforcing (CRR) bars