Full Name

AASHTO T216 – Standard Method of Test for One-Dimensional Consolidation Properties of Soils


This test method covers procedures for determining the magnitude and rate of consolidation of soil when it is restrained laterally and drained axially while subjected to incrementally applied controlled-stress loading.

Two alternative procedures are provided as follows:

  1. Test Method A – This test method is performed with constant load increment duration of 24 h, or multiples thereof. Time-deformation readings are required on a minimum of two-load increments.
  2. Test Method B – Time-deformation readings are required on all load increments. Successive load increments are applied after 100 percent primary consolidation is reached, or at constant time increments as described in Test Method A.


compressibility; compression curves; consolidation; consolidation coefficient; consolidation test; consolidometer; preconsolidation pressure; primary consolidation; rebound; secondary compression; settlement; swelling