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AASHTO R18 – Standard Recommended Practice for Establishing and Implementing a Quality Management System for Construction Materials Testing Laboratories


This document contains criteria and guidelines for establishing and implementing a quality management system (QMS) for use by a construction materials testing (CMT) laboratory. The criteria in this document only apply to the following testing areas: soil, aggregate, asphalt binder, cutback asphalt, emulsified asphalt, asphalt mixtures, hydraulic cement, portland cement concrete, unit masonry, metals, plastic pipe, and sprayed fire-resistive material.


quality management system; QMS; materials testing; laboratory; soil; aggregate; asphalt; hydraulic cement; portland cement concrete; masonry; metals; plastic pipe; sprayed fire-resistive material

AASHTO R18 Accredited Laboratory

Applied Testing & Geosciences, LLC is accredited for performing tests using the AASHTO R18 standard.

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