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Concrete Testing & Inspection
  • Concrete cores and sawed beams (ASTM C42)
  • Concrete Mix Designs (ACI 318, ACI 211)
  • Concrete strength testing (ASTM C39)
  • Inspection of concrete air content – pressure method – regular weight concrete (ASTM C231)
  • Inspection of concrete air content – volume method – light weight concrete (ASTM C173)
  • Inspection of concrete (cast-in-place)  placement (ACI 318)
  • Inspection of concrete floor flatness (FF) and floor levelness (FL) (ASTM E1155)
  • Inspection of concrete (post tensioned)  placement (ACI 318 7.5)
  • Inspection of concrete (pre-stressed)  placement (ACI 318 18)
  • Inspection of concrete slump (ASTM C143)
  • Inspection of concrete temperature (ASTM C1064)
  • Inspection of concrete unit weight (ASTM C138)
  • Inspection of pre-cast concrete plant (PCI MNL-116)
  • Inspection of ready mix concrete plants (NRMCA, ASTM C94
  • Inspection of rebar  placement (ACI 318 7.5)
  • Making & curing concrete cylinders (ASTM C31)
  • Nondestructive inspection of concrete (NDT, ACI 228.2)
  • Nondestructive inspection of concrete strength (Swiss Hammer) (NDT, ASTM C805)
  • Nondestructive inspection of concrete strength (Windsor Probe) (NDT, ASTM C803)
  • Sampling (Coring) Compacted Bituminous Mixtures for Laboratory Testing (ASTM D5361)
  • Sampling of concrete (ASTM C172)